1. Must be 18 years or older and provide approved identification.
  2. Must adhere to curfew of 11:00 p.m.
  3. Recovery residents must be willing to be randomly drug tested.
  4. Must attend AA or NA meetings 3 times a week and have a sponsor.
  5. Must attend an approved church.
  6. No overnight guest(s) of the opposite sex.
  7. No loitering or loud music on the premises.
  8. Be accountable when off the premise.
  9. Pay rent on time.
  10. Keep provided appliances, furniture, fixtures, and other items sanitary and safe.
  11. Use the premises only for residential purposes.
  12. No illegal activities may occur on the premises.
  13. Personal chores and housekeeping will be expected, such as keeping grounds clear of litter, trash emptied, and cans returned and cleaning interior and exterior areas regularly. Apartments are subject to inspection.
  14. Do not deface or damage community property or shared spaces.
  15. Do not disturb other residents.
  16. Sleep at the residence at least five nights per week.
  17. Attend the required number of support group meetings, either on or off the premises.
  18. Attend therapy sessions for mental health.
  19. Attend house meetings.
  20. Maintain employment, attend school, or attend job retraining programs.
  21. Do not drink alcohol.
  22. Do not consume mind-altering substances.
  23. No Pets
  24. Be accountable when off the premises.
  25. Support your neighbors in their recovery. We are all in this together.
  26. Smoking or vaping is allowed for residents of Dwell. Smoking or vaping shall be allowed if butts are disposed properly into a container, then taken out with the trash. Residents of dwell are expected to never smoke or vape inside of the house under any circumstances. Failure to cooperate will lead to termination of housing privileges.

Terms & Conditions

Participants must agree to the following terms and conditions as consideration for being accepted into the residency. For purposes of this agreement, the term “Participant” shall also include any family member, invitee, guest, employee, or agent of Participant. Therefore, Participant agrees to the following terms and conditions as consideration for acceptance in the program and residency. Dwell, LLC, Participant and Sponsoring Church, Agency or Individual do hereby mutually covenant and agree as follows: To provide the Participant with safe housing with the goal of providing resources to obtain life skills necessary to sustain a lifestyle of recovery to include safe, secure and permanent housing. This covenant stands as long as payment or the behavior of any of Participant’s obligations are met. This is for a maximum period of 12 months, unless otherwise sooner terminated by Dwell, LLC.

Satisfactory Participation:

Participant agrees that the privilege of being part of the Program is subject to the Participant’s satisfactory participation as determined solely by Dwell, LLC. Participant shall vacate the Dwell Transitional Housing should Dwell, LLC in its sole discretion, determine that Participant, or any family member, invitee, guest, employee, or agent has violated any of the rules governing the Program or this agreement.

Dwell and Participant agrees to:

1) Develop and follow a plan leading to economic stability, self-sufficiency and permanent housing.

2) Work with both Dwell, LLC, an approved counseling service or case manager and certified peer recovery specialist to build supportive relationship and decrease barriers for successful integration into permanent housing or placement.

3) Meet twice a month with case manager or as deemed appropriate to accomplish the participants goals and objectives.

4) Meet weekly with the participant’s certified peer recovery specialist/coach to implement daily recovery skills, bible study, and support the mission of Dwell, LLC

Interview Process

Applying Participant Agrees To A 3-Step Interview Process

  1. Participant must have an accompanying pastor or sponsor to meet with Lisa Cochran or approved volunteer of Dwell. We will listen to the situation and cause of the situation to determine and assess needs. The applicant will be given a list of assignments or task to have completed for a follow up interview within a week.
  2. If the candidate completes the task list, then we will discuss options and determine if the candidate is a fit for our services. Candidate will be given another set of tasks to complete.
  3. Final Interview – If assigned task is completed then we will begin steps in transitioning the applicant into housing.

Applicants will be taken through an onboarding process to assure they are aware of their roles and requirements for living at Dwell.

The interview process is key to avoiding problems and behaviors. Tardiness, lack of task completion, and moods can show up in the interview process. We are looking for behaviors that are coachable and willing to heed instruction.

Our company does 6 non-paid interviews before we hire. Our process can take up to 6 weeks before we hire. We have had very limited turnover since 2008. We hire for our brand, our mission and our values. We plan to use our business best practices to help Dwell succeed.

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